2 Ways To Make Your Floral Gift More Meaningful

29 March 2017
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Getting some flowers as a gift is a great thing to do, but you do have the opportunity to make that floral gift much more meaningful if you put a bit more thought and effort into it. Listed below are two ways to make your floral gift much more meaningful for the individual that is receiving the gift.

Research The Meaning Behind The Flower

One of the biggest ways to make your floral gift more meaningful is to research the meanings behind the flowers that you are considering giving. This is very important because everything from the type of flower that you are giving to the color of the flower can dramatically change the meaning behind your gift. For example, if you wanted to give a gift to a loved one that has just graduated college or is about to have a child, you will want to consider giving that person a daffodil because the daffodil sends a message that is congratulating them on their new beginning or new endeavor.

In addition, if you are planning on showing your appreciation to one of your parents or a mentor in your life, you could consider giving that individual a purple iris. The reason for this is that a purple iris typically represents both wisdom and respect. If you are worried that the individual that is receiving your gift may not realize the meaning behind the gift, then you can also request that the florist provides a small card with the flower that actually explains the meaning behind your gift.

Add A Personalized Vase Or Container

Another way to make a floral gift more meaningful is to add a personalized vase or container. For example, if you have a loved one that has recently experienced a loss, you could consider sending a bouquet of flowers in a personalized vase that has the picture of the lost loved one or an inscription describing the lost loved one. In addition, you can also have all manner of personal messages and quotes inscribed on the vase or container that can allow you to really tailor your message and gift to your friend or loved one.

Contact a shop like Karen's Flower shop in order to discuss the various options available to you in order to customize your floral gift and make it more meaningful. Researching the meaning behind the flowers you are giving and adding a personalized vase or container are just two great options to consider when trying to make your gift more meaningful.