Four Fun Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding Centerpieces

12 January 2016
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Wedding centerpieces often consist of a vase with flowers, but you can bring a fun finishing touch to the tables at your wedding reception with a few creative wedding arrangement options. Here are unique ideas you can use to incorporate flowers into your wedding centerpieces that will impress your guests.

Flower Gift Bags

Make your centerpieces do double duty as your wedding favors. Arrange with your florist to find beautiful potted flowers or plants that can be placed in gift bags. These can sit in a circle at the center of your table, and your guests can each take one home with them at the end of your event. Alternate the gift bag colors to incorporate each of your wedding colors to create a vibrant look at each table.

Fruit And Flower Jars

Sometimes, less is more. If you are having an outdoor wedding or an understated event, a simple fruit-and-flower combination can create a perfect centerpiece. Add fresh lemons, limes or oranges to a large jar, and place fresh wildflowers in the center to give each piece added height. Your florist can arrange these for you, or you can have your florist create a small wreath of wildflowers that surrounds each jar for a subtle finishing touch. The fruit brings a beautiful citrus-filled smell to each table, and the fruit can be taken home after the event is over.

Champagne Flute Centerpieces

For an elegant touch, consider having rose boutonnieres placed atop champagne flutes. Arrange the flutes at the center of the table, and make sure there is one for each guest. The guests can remove the boutonnieres and affix them to their suits or dresses and use the flutes during the wedding toast. You can further customize this idea by having the flutes engraved with your wedding date and initials, giving each of your guests a beautiful token to take home with them.

Wedding Cake Arrangements

Create the look of a wedding cake at the center of each table by placing rose blossoms on beautiful antique tiered dessert stands. Place cupcakes between the flowers to create a centerpiece that is truly good enough to eat. Have the cupcakes decorated to match your wedding colors, and be sure to have cupcake boxes on hand at the guest book desk so people can pack a cupcake to take home with them.

Your florist can help you with these or other unique centerpiece ideas that make your wedding stand out. Get creative, and look for options that let your guests interact with your centerpieces to create a more exciting reception area on your special day.

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