Aesthetically Pleasing And Aromatic Hanging Planters And Mini-Gardens

2 April 2015
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The key to creating memorable and inventive hanging baskets is not just the types of plants that you use, but the way that they smell too. In addition to using an array of climbers, fillers, and upright plants, choose some aromatic varieties to give the hanging basket distinction and a pleasant fragrance. This will add to the arrangement's allure and will appeal to all who stop to admire your floral display.

Try these pairing suggestions for hanging gardens that not only look lovely but smell amazing too:

Kitchen aromatics

For a sunny basket that will brighten any kitchen window or porch overhang, fill a basket with yellow and orange marigolds. These are sturdy and hardy little flowers that are easy to care for, and their scent deters bugs and insects. Add long green chives, mint, sage, parsley, basil, or fresh oregano to the basket to give it a touch of rich green foliage, as well as a scent that will remind you of your favorite meal!

Fruity fun

There are many flowers and plants that have an inherently fruity aroma. Try planting these with simple daisies, pansies, or ivy for a light and delicious display to place near a door or on the patio. Add apple mint plants, lime-scented geraniums, or lemon verbena for a delicious, citrus scent.

Blossoming bouquet

Create a colorful bouquet in your hanging basket with combinations of impatiens, fuchsias, viola, and lush green ivy. Next, add a spearmint or lemon verbena plant to give it a fresh, rejuvenating scent. These herbs also make for a great cup of tea, too!

Two-tone tantalizer

Use geraniums, Gerber daisies, and impatiens to fill your basket with a couple colors of your choice, such as school or favorite team colors; next, add herbs and greens that match your color palette and that will provide a tempting aroma of your choosing. Some ideas to try include gray-colored cat-mint, English lavender, sweet-smelling sweet peas, or scented Alyssum, typically found in white, pink, and purple. Finish this basket off by adding some lush, long climbing ivy or vines, such as philodendron.

Consider creating any of these hanging displays in a wire or moss basket so that you can weave foliage around the arrangement or create a natural-looking piece. Choose your own favorite colors and types of plants, and then add something fragrant and a bit different. Using color, aesthetics and scent really adds to the overall allure of your hanging basket. Talk with a florist, like Ciano Florist, for more help with your hanging basket.