2 Ways To Make Your Floral Gift More Meaningful

29 March 2017
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Getting some flowers as a gift is a great thing to do, but you do have the opportunity to make that floral gift much more meaningful if you put a bit more thought and effort into it. Listed below are two ways to make your floral gift much more meaningful for the individual that is receiving the gift. Research The Meaning Behind The Flower One of the biggest ways to make your floral gift more meaningful is to research the meanings behind the flowers that you are considering giving. Read More 

Four Fun Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding Centerpieces

12 January 2016
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Wedding centerpieces often consist of a vase with flowers, but you can bring a fun finishing touch to the tables at your wedding reception with a few creative wedding arrangement options. Here are unique ideas you can use to incorporate flowers into your wedding centerpieces that will impress your guests. Flower Gift Bags Make your centerpieces do double duty as your wedding favors. Arrange with your florist to find beautiful potted flowers or plants that can be placed in gift bags. Read More 

Aesthetically Pleasing And Aromatic Hanging Planters And Mini-Gardens

2 April 2015
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The key to creating memorable and inventive hanging baskets is not just the types of plants that you use, but the way that they smell too. In addition to using an array of climbers, fillers, and upright plants, choose some aromatic varieties to give the hanging basket distinction and a pleasant fragrance. This will add to the arrangement's allure and will appeal to all who stop to admire your floral display. Read More 

Keep Them Growing: Two Options For Long-Lived Florist Roses

5 March 2015
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Whether you want roses to mark a special occasion or just need some indoor color to brighten your home, choosing roses that can last a lifetime from your local flower shop can provide blooms for many years. You have two main options if you want your roses to last beyond a few weeks – potted miniature blooms or cut flowers that can regrow. Option #1: Choose the Mini Variety Miniature potted roses are entire plants, so there is very little effort involved in the beginning. Read More